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Video: How to Learn to Love “Marketing” Your Practice


If you're not yet totally in love with the marketing part of your practice (or you'd just like some fresh ways to think about it), then this video is for you. Enjoy ... and leave a comment below! … More »

Flowchart: The 6 Questions That Will Make Or Break Your Practice


Sometimes developing your practice can feel complicated. So many ideas, so many things you could be doing. But really there's just a handful of questions to answer. They're the leverage points, where a small tweak can … More »

“The Need for Endless Self-Promotion”

That's what one consultant told me is her greatest frustration with her practice. She's not alone. I hear this all the time from folks in our community. The more you have a healthy dose of humility, empathy, … More »

Audio + Template: How to Make Decisions Quickly and Easily


Making decisions -- without a lot of churning around -- is key to creating the kind of practice (and life) you want. What's more, unmade decisions weigh you down. They create clutter, overwhelm, and … More »

Audio: 3 Ways to Raise Your Fees (If You’re NOT “Just In It for the Money”)

Pam McAllister and Jim Lord, Founders

Proven strategies that will increase your income and your influence -- and let you make more of a difference than ever before. Let's get straight to the point ... Many highly skilled consultants and coaches … More »

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